Vision :

It was started as a preventive oncology unit focusing on women, as 27% cancer cervix deaths of the world occur in India, while the cancer of the uterine cervix is a preventable cancer.

The vision is to eradicate cancer cervix from the region by awareness, screening and treatment of pre-cancerous lesions of the cervix and also to work on cancer prevention in general by creating awareness for the breast self examination and tobacco related cancers.

Mission :

  • To offer focused awareness of cancer cervix prevention including vaccination and screening information along with diagnosis and treatment of pre-cancerous lesions.

  • To reach all women who are in 30 above age group without any complaints or disease for cancer cervix prevention and thus, increase client base, increase profits ethically, achieve stability and prevent cancer of uterine cervix, which is the only preventable cancer.

  • To be very ethical with the patient, giving only appropriate and required testes and treatments.

  • To develop an image of “One centre for all problems of women pertaining to not pertaining to cervix”.

  • Develop all ancillary departments for comprehensive health care including physiotherapy, health club, nutritional advice orthopaedic and psychiatric consultation and any other treatment as and when required.